Sale of equipment and provision of services for boaters


Sale of equipment and provision of services for boaters

Euronavis d.o.o.

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Our wish is to use our knowledge and many years of experience in the field of shipbuilding, nautical and related activities to provide services needed by professional and amateur shipbuilders and ship owners who will be able to find help and solutions for problems related to the construction and maintenance of all types of ships and yachts in one place. , boats and other vessels.

In accordance with the aforementioned, our goal is to provide quality and professional service, and that is why we continuously monitor the market and trends in the world in this industry, and through our offer we want to ensure the availability of the latest and most advanced services and products to our users. Cooperation with one of the leading European companies in the nautical industry, such as Aquator Marine Yacht Management Solutions, IMNASA, Ente Navale Europeo (ENAVE), Wills Ridley, BIO-SEA, RC Marine, etc., will help us in this. You can find more information about all products and services on our website.


RCD & CE Marking and Consultancy

Euronavis company also acts as an authorized local office of the Italian consulting firm ENAVE (Ente Navale Europeo) a Notified Body to the European Community – (Notified Body 2406), for the certification and testing of boats and yachts, and equipment components in accordance with the new EU directive on recreational vessels and personal watercraft, RCD 2013/53/EU. We can also help you with all the following activities: safety checks for boat rentals, EQA – Enave quality assessment, laboratory and noise and exhaust gas testing, design and engineering, on-board fluid analysis, attestation of the structure of sailboats for regattas.

Vessel service and maintenance

Regular maintenance of vessels according to the rules of the profession – organization and supervision of all regular services and works on vessels (regular services of propulsion machinery and other machinery on vessels, regular maintenance of structural parts of vessels, regular maintenance of equipment on board). In cooperation with the companies IMNASA, WILLS RIDLEY, BIO-SEA, RC MARINE and others, we organize the procurement of new marine equipment and spare parts of equipment and devices necessary for the service and overhaul of vessels.


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