ENAVE – Ente Navale Europeo

ENAVE – Ente Navale Europeo

ENAVE is a services company highly specialized and established to create value by operating in all areas of commercial and recreational boating with the highest level in professional integrity, technical expertise and intellectual independence.

ENAVE is notified body No. 2406 and deals with issuance, renewal and validation of safety certificates and other tests required by International Regulations about EC recreational craft both power and sailing, monohull and multihull and personal watercraft according to Directive 2003/44EC. Post-construction EC marking, components EC marking – tanks and fuel lines, portholes and hatches, steering wheels and accessories, fire protection equipment.

ENAVE performes tests on exhaust gases and noise emissions from marine engines, dual fuel petrol / LPG. Crash test on steering wheels; Pressure-impulse test for fuel tanks; thickness and delamination check; osmosis check; Stability tests and freeboard measurements; pressing tests. With our technical expertise in all aspects of the design, construction and use of watercraft, ENAVE is able to bring added value to the boating market.

Thanks to the diverse specialist services we offer, we are able to provide 360° customer support in terms of project design and problem solving. Our interventions are fully tailored to the individual needs of each client, with whom we liaise at every stage.

More information about ENAVE Srl and all the services we can offer can be found on this site and also at: www.enave.it