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Ordering – Request a quote

  1. Click on My Account to register / login and fill in the required information
  2. Select a category and product
  3. In the Available Options table, select the product and quantity you want, and then click the ADD button
  4. Repeat for all desired options and products
  5. Click the Shopping Cart link to browse the selected products. Here you can delete products and change quantities.
  6. In the menu, select Request a quote.
  7. Fill in the required information for the offer and click on REQUEST THE OFFER. Please do not pay upon receipt of the Bid Request.
  8. We will send you an OFFICIAL OFFER for the ordered products as soon as possible and make a payment after that


Regular product orders from suppliers in Spain willbe delivered once a week or by appointment in the event of an emergency. For this reason, the duration of the delivery depends primarily on when we received the payment confirmation on the submitted offer. As an exception to this, for orders totaling more than HRK 5,000.00, ordering is made immediately upon recorded payment.

Delivery time for most products from a supplier’s warehouse in Spain is 5 to 6 days, and for a smaller number of products that may not currently be at the supplier’s warehouse will be agreed with them.

Delivery time of the products we have in stock is 1 to 2 days.

Product delivery is via GLS delivery service.

For orders over 1,000.00 kn (including VAT), DELIVERY is FREE, and for other orders, delivery is 30.00 kn (+ VAT).


Easyest way to pay your submitted offer is online banking transfer.

Contact us for any questions or concerns regarding the ordering of equipment and goods, delivery time and delivery options.

The prices of the products are expressed in Croatian Kuna excluding VAT, but the prices include VAT.

Terms and Conditions

All data and photos are reliable. However, users should independently assess the suitability of each product for their application. Euronavis d.o.o. does not guarantee the accuracy of the information and completeness of the information and disclaims any responsibility for its use. Euronavis d.o.o.’s sole obligation these are determined by the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of these Products and Euronavis d.o.o. will not be liable for any indications, damages that would result from the sale or resale, use or inappropriate application of the product.

All products supplied by oursupplier  IMNASA are intended for PROFESSIONAL use. For this reason, the buyer of these products must first know their characteristics and have the knowledge for proper installation. As these are in many cases proffesional products intended to be installed or attached to other equipment and materials, EURONVIS d.o.o. is not responsible for the misuse or assembly of this product. The equipment installer or the boat repairer is responsible for its operation. Most products are professional products, do not have instructions for use or assembly or their instructions are not translated. In case a professional user has doubts about the characteristics of the product and its installation system or needs some clarification, before installation, you can call our company where we can provide technical information about the products sold by IMNASA. Many products in this catalog may not be sold to the end user, as the end user may lack appropriate product knowledge, so it is advisable to hire a specialist.

In addition to the terms and conditions set out here, the IMNASA vendor terms specified on the site:, also apply.